Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What day is.... what day is it ...

It's HUMP Day.

But on this blog I am going to call it "Working On It Wednesday!"

It will be a weekly chat from me about how I'm "working on it". It will be a weekly focus on what I am struggling with, working on or attempting to do. Might be about my RA. Might be about my work from home business. Might be a hobby I am exploring.

So what am i working on this week? After having a lot of pain over the weekend, I have noticed as the temperature has risen this week, my pain has decreased some. So, I'm seizing that opportunity and continuing the sorting, cleaning and re-arranging of the house in anticipation of my sewing studio moving back here.

It's amazing the amount of things I am finding that I had totally forgotten about. Phew, it's crazy. Things that we have had in our "storage room" since we moved into this house 11 years ago. I am a HUGE pile of items for our local charity thrift store. And a HUGE pile of garbage stuff too.

I am gonna keep at it. I'll post some updated photos perhaps another day.


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