Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow, sub-zero temps, worst winter ever???

Well probably not the worst ever, but boy is it the worst weather wise I can remember in recent years anyway. And, it's not just here in NNY, it's everywhere around the country.

Sometimes I am on Facebook, I just want to post something like "Yes, the weather stinks, let's find something else to talk about." But then inevitably I find myself talking about the weather again. Seems like every store, bank or wherever you go someone says something like "wow it's cold", "can you believe this snow", etc. I mean the grumpy I am sick of winter part of me wants to snip at them "no really? duh do you think i don't notice my fingers are blue, or my boots are covered in snow?"

But then my sweet, nice pleasant side of me replies with a "yes sure is." Etc etc etc.

One final BLAH for this cold Tuesday.

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