Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Right Angle: Proper Ergonomics for Sewing Tables

This article on Craftsy is a great resource when shopping for a sewing table. It's basic information but it reminds us that what works great for one sewer may not work for another. Simple buying a "sewing table" does not necessarily provide a perfect fit for you.
I myself use a desk originally designed as a computer work space. It's large and fits into a corner, and it's the perfect height for me to sit comfortably at. It also is large and accommodates my 3 different machines I use all the time, therefore eliminating the need to have to set up & take down machines for different functions.
Finding a chair that had height adjustment may also be the answer to making your table work to the proper height for you. For me it's also important to have a separate cutting table at approximately waist height. I often cut several patterns out at one time. I also often am cutting from bolts of fabric vs. small pieces of fabric. Therefore trying to cut on a shorter table (for instance a dining room table) would cause a big increase in stress to my back & neck from bending over to cut for a long period of time.
With RA working in an ergonomic environment is so important. Keeping our hands, wrists, shoulders & neck from additional strain & potential damage to joints is so important.
I am currently revamping my sewing space and as I set it up, I will be thinking in depth about my comfort and ergonomics of how i do my work.
I will share some before and after shots of my space. At this point progress is slow, thanks to an increase in pain with the cold temps here, but I hope to make a bit of progress every day and soon be back to sewing.


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