Saturday, April 26, 2014

Perhaps dumping my Dr wasn't the best idea :(

I haven't posted much. I'm just not sure where to go from here. I wanted to believe that going gluten free was going to help the RA pain, it hasn't. It has definitely helped other areas, but not the RA pain. I wanted to believe getting rid of the extra medicines would get rid of some of the foggy "side effects" and help me stick to my affirmation that the Dr was just prescribing "roulette" style, and to some degree I guess I am right there. I don't necessarily feel any better than I would have with the meds, so adding them back in wouldn't really "cure" anything. But, I have to admit that something has to be done I suppose. I can't keep up with the painful joints & muscles. I want to live a normal life, but something as simple as a long walk, or an hour gardening leaves me achy and sore for days. How is that possible? I just keep moving and doing what I want, but I'm grumpy and sore and sad because of the pain. For now I'm just trying to figure out where to go from here....
I don't know that anyone but me is actually reading this blog, so I guess I'm just getting the idea out there for myself. I'll update myself when I decide where to go next ;)
For now though I have a show coming up in 1 week and I am not ready, so off to the sewing room I go for the weekend.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

And SEW it starts

The sewing room is almost totally done, okay so it will likely never be "Done". But after tomorrow everything should be here in this house. The organization will likely be an ongoing project as I find what works and what doesn't work for me.

I am currently working on the last custom order I will be taking on for a while. It's organic cotton pillow covers. I will have those finished today and my reward will be to move on to some fun upcycled dresses. I will likely lose a dress or two to my daughters wardrobe, but the rest will be for sale in the Etsy shop.

You're probably thinking, what is an upcycle? Well it's a "new" term used to describe taking something and repurposing it into something new. In my case I take a clothing item and add to it to make something new and fun. Yesterday for a quick break in the mundane I took Olivia's too small John Deere overalls and made them into a new dress.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

So I am gonna make the Dr. mad ...

Okay it's confession time. I took myself off most of the medications the Dr has given me. They weren't working and every time I'd suggest to them that they weren't working, I got an attitude that I didn't know what I was talking about. I HURT, all the time. And I need it to stop, I don't want or need to spend months taking a bunch of crap that isn't helping. SO, I just took myself off of most of it. I am still taking a couple of the pain medications to help with the daily pain.

I also started the gluten free diet in hopes it would help with the pain. So far it's not helping with the pain, however it has helped my digestive system immensely and I'm also sleeping better. So it's helping something which is a plus.

I am very hopeful that with the weather FINALLY taking a turn towards spring here in NNY that I will start to see a change in my pain level. I'm also hoping that when I can get outside and exercise a bit, I will begin to see more progress in decrease in pain.

I am also continuing to see my chiropractor, that helps more than any of the drugs the rheumatologist throws at me.

Stay tuned to see if I regret my decision to "fire" the rheumatology Dr.