Monday, March 24, 2014

Sewing room progress....

Finally making some project in the sewing room move & organization. Check it out! Happy monday!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

So very sorry.... life exploded...

Girl Scout cookies came in and BAM my life exploded. I'm the leader for my daughter's troop. We ordered somewhere over 2000 boxes of cookies, so yah the last couple weeks have been a bit ummm, NUTS! And let me tell you what a great time I picked to go gluten free. I did finally cave after several days and ate a grand total of 4 cookies and yes you guessed it, major tummy problems, so obviously I am on the right track going gluten free.

On that note, I have noticed some improvement in my pain level. Huge improvement in energy level. And minor improvement in sleep. So perhaps, just perhaps I am on to something that might finally help. I have yet to notice improvement in the muscle pain associated with the fibromyalgia, but honestly I've dealt with that for so long I would probably not know what to do if it got better. Okay, but yah I would like to try it!

So I will continue with my gluten free (for the most part) eating. I hope to eventually go to mostly low low carb eating, limiting myself to only carbs found in fruits & veggies. And keeping any other carbs to a bare minimum. It's a slow process and I fully recognize that.

I will attempt to get back to updating this blog on a much more consistent basis.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Rambling...

First up I am using my cervical traction unit. So far I'm not noticing much difference in my neck pain, but hoping that continual stretching of the neck will lead to less pinching and pain in my shoulders and neck.

I am going through what is termed gluten withdrawl. Who knew wheat and other gluten products were basically like a drug. I am dealing with headaches, nausea and a flu like feeling. But it should resolve soon, and hopefully I will notice more improvements without gluten in my diet. So far I am noticing my GI system seems happier. I won't go into details other than things are much improved in that area :)

I am almost ready to finish my sewing room move finally. I have my tables set up. My shelving ready. My office chair & mat in place. Just gotta get organized and do the actual move. Hopefully very very soon. Though, as usual life is crazy busy, so we shall see.

Happy Monday! Hope you all are feeling good.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gluten free... WHY?

Thought I would provide some insight as to why I am trying to go Gluten Free in my diet.

It's a big change for sure to not eat anything that has gluten in it, but you might be asking, why? You may also be like gluten? what is that? So here are some answers for you.

The 7 Basic Signs of Gluten Sensitivity -

* Digestive Issues
* Fatigue & Crankiness
* Dizziness
* Headaches
* Mood Issues
* Joint Swelling / Pain
* Eczema / Skin Rash

For me, I can honestly say I have all of those signs. All of them have been attributed to various things in the past. Fibromyalgia takes the blame most of the time.

I am not at all doubting the RA diagnosis, however I am wondering if a continual increase in my sensitivity to gluten isn't what has exacerbated all of these symptoms making the diagnosis more apparent?

I have no real "medical" answers. My Dr. is supportive of alternative therapy in that she says "well some people say it helps, can't hurt to try it". But that's about it. I like my Dr but I am so over just trying another drug, another drug and yet more drugs.

I don't see her for about 2 weeks so I'm hoping that by then I'll have some idea if going GF is going to make a difference for me.

Stay tuned, today is day 4 of GF and so far I'm doing pretty well with it.

Monday, March 3, 2014

A big change for me... Gluten Free trial...

So today is the day I decided to try going gluten free. I will be sharing my reasoning, my trials and my results (hopefully positive ones), over the next few weeks. I've done a lot of research online, talked with my chiropractor and talked to numerous friends who have gone gluten free for various reasons. I am hoping to see a positive response in my body quickly but i also know that it will take time to really see the most benefit.

I am also picking up my cervical traction collar this week. I will be letting you know how that goes with helping with my neck and shoulder pain as well as my headaches.

Happy Monday!