Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Rambling...

First up I am using my cervical traction unit. So far I'm not noticing much difference in my neck pain, but hoping that continual stretching of the neck will lead to less pinching and pain in my shoulders and neck.

I am going through what is termed gluten withdrawl. Who knew wheat and other gluten products were basically like a drug. I am dealing with headaches, nausea and a flu like feeling. But it should resolve soon, and hopefully I will notice more improvements without gluten in my diet. So far I am noticing my GI system seems happier. I won't go into details other than things are much improved in that area :)

I am almost ready to finish my sewing room move finally. I have my tables set up. My shelving ready. My office chair & mat in place. Just gotta get organized and do the actual move. Hopefully very very soon. Though, as usual life is crazy busy, so we shall see.

Happy Monday! Hope you all are feeling good.

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