Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gluten free... WHY?

Thought I would provide some insight as to why I am trying to go Gluten Free in my diet.

It's a big change for sure to not eat anything that has gluten in it, but you might be asking, why? You may also be like gluten? what is that? So here are some answers for you.

The 7 Basic Signs of Gluten Sensitivity -

* Digestive Issues
* Fatigue & Crankiness
* Dizziness
* Headaches
* Mood Issues
* Joint Swelling / Pain
* Eczema / Skin Rash

For me, I can honestly say I have all of those signs. All of them have been attributed to various things in the past. Fibromyalgia takes the blame most of the time.

I am not at all doubting the RA diagnosis, however I am wondering if a continual increase in my sensitivity to gluten isn't what has exacerbated all of these symptoms making the diagnosis more apparent?

I have no real "medical" answers. My Dr. is supportive of alternative therapy in that she says "well some people say it helps, can't hurt to try it". But that's about it. I like my Dr but I am so over just trying another drug, another drug and yet more drugs.

I don't see her for about 2 weeks so I'm hoping that by then I'll have some idea if going GF is going to make a difference for me.

Stay tuned, today is day 4 of GF and so far I'm doing pretty well with it.

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