Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fiskers Easy Action Scissors (my own review)

**This post is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Fiskers, or JoAnn Fabric, they did not provide a product to review, nor ask for my opinion.**

I purchased these scissors at my local JoAnn Fabrics store when they were on sale recently.
Easy Action Scissors

The description of the product from the Fiskers website is -
Winner of the Arthritis Foundation® Ease-of-Use Commendation, our Easy Action™ Scissors are the perfect choice for people with arthritis or limited hand strength. A spring-action design opens the blades after each cut, greatly reducing the effort needed for this basic motion. High-grade, stainless-steel blades feature a specially ground edge for maximum sharpness, tested to cut all the way to the tip — essential for anyone who cuts fabric. An ergonomically sculpted handle with Softgrip® provides excellent cutting control and comfort, and a bent handle design keeps materials flat for precise cuts every time. Features Ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials including denim, leather and multiple layers of fabric Awarded the Arthritis Foundation® Ease-of-Use Commendation for a design that is easy-to-use for people with arthritis or limited hand strength Spring-action design gently opens blades after each cut to reduce hand strain Blades ground to a razor edge cut through heavy material with less effort Hardened, stainless-steel blades provide lasting durability Ergonomic handle is sculpted to fit your hand, maximizing cutting control and sensitivity Softgrip® handle adds comfort Bent handle design keeps material flat for mistake-free cutting Length: approximately 10" Lifetime warranty

I have been having increased difficulty with gripping objects, even to the point of dropping my coffee cup the other morning because I simply lost my grip. Some door knobs are proving to be extremely difficult too. And because I have a large costume order coming up in the month of February, I needed to find a way to do a large amount of cutting while limiting the pain.

Right away I was impressed with the soft grip of the handles. It was a bit of a learning curve for me to get used to the spring action of the blades. I think with a little more practice i will be able to do the majority of my cutting out of patterns with these blades.

The other thing i was very impressed with is how incredibly sharp and precise the blades are. I think when it comes to cutting heavier fabrics like denim and canvas I will really see a big improvement over traditional scissors.

One of the first problems i encountered with the onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis was cutting with scissors & using a can opener. The electric opener my husband bought me for Christmas solved that problem and I'm very hopeful that these scissors will to some degree solve the cutting with scissors trouble.

Please leave me comments with products you've found to help your limitations due to RA.


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