Wednesday, February 5, 2014

So sorry I have been MIA ...

I guess MIA isn't really the right term. I am not really "missing" am more just tired, sore and not feeling very inspired to say much at all.

I was supposed to have an appointment with the DR today, but thanks to good ole mother nature, I had to reschedule until Monday. What's another 5 days right? I'm already in pain so eh, whatever I suppose.

As you can probably tell from the tone of my writing, I am grumpy. My little one had strep throat and ear infection last week. I think she passed on the strep throat to her mom, great :( I'm also just in a boatload of pain right now. I tried doing some sewing yesterday, and it was a slow process full of mistakes, I hate sewing like that. When I can't clear my mind fog and my hands are just working so slow.

Taking today off. So working on it Wednesday has become, taking a break Wednesday this week.

Hoping to be back to a more optimistic, cheerful self soon. Stay tuned :)


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